Feminist Philosophy (Spring 2013)

This page includes resources from Feminist Philosophy, taught for Cardiff University during spring 2013.

Note that the official course page was on Learning Central and that all enrolled students should access content there.

Reading Schedule

Feminist Philosophy (Spring 2013)

Further Reading

Further Reading

Course Reader

Feminist Philosophy (Course Reader Spring 2013) Excludes readings

Mill, The Subjection of Women (1869, excerpts) Includes the third and parts of the first chapter from Project Gutenberg’s edition (ebook number 27083)


Paper Topics (Formative Assessment)

Paper Topics (Summative Assessment)


Lecture Handouts

Oppression: Feminist Perspectives on Sex Roles Ref. Frye (1983); Young (2005)

Justice & Care: Feminist Perspectives on Moral Philosophy Ref. Baier (1995); Card (1990)

Abortion: Feminist Perspectives on Moral Philosophy Ref. Sherwin (1991)

Justice & Autonomy: Feminist Critiques of Liberal Egalitarianism Ref. Okin (1989); Baier (1987)

Marriage & Motherhood (Debate Materials) Ref. Brake (2010)

Multiculturism: Culture, Universality & Political Legitimacy Ref. Nussbaum (1999)

Justice at Work Ref. Anderson (2006)

Reason & Emotion Ref. Lloyd (1979)

Feminist Epistemologies Ref. Harding (1993)

Seminar Handouts

Arguments from Nature (Discussion Questions) Ref. Antony (2000)

Oppression: hooks on radical pedagogy

Caring censorship? Civil society, freedom and rights (Discussion Questions) Ref. Held (2006)

Separate relatedness? Individuation, autonomy and social selves (Discussion Questions) Ref. Friedman (2000)

Rationality, affectivity & vulnerability (Discussion Questions) Ref. Jones (2004)

Feminist Epistemologies: Testimonial Injustice (Discussion Questions) Ref. Fricker (2003)


Oppression: Feminist Perspectives on Sex Roles

Justice & Care: A Different Voice?

Justice & Autonomy

Justice at Work

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