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Doethineb Heb Atebion: Dechreuwch eich teith athronyddol yfory!

Mae’r modiwl hwn yn dechrau yfory 19.00-21.00 yn yr Adeilad John Percival, Prifysgol Caerdydd. Manylion Advertisements

Wisdom Without Answers: Begin your philosophical journey tomorrow!

This module begins tomorrow 19.00-21.00 in the John Percival Building, Cardiff University. Details

Faith, Hope & Charity: A Guide for the Wicked – Starts tomorrow!

This new module starts tomorrow 14.00-16.00 in the John Percival Building, Cardiff University. Details

Ffydd, Gobaith & Chariad: Arweiniad i’r Cythreulig – Dechrau yfory!

Mae’r modiwl newydd hwn yn dechrau yfory 14.00-16.00 yn yr Adeilad John Percival, Prifysgol Caerdydd. Manylion

On non-existence

I liked this University of Pittsburgh Library System page a lot better than the standard take on 404 errors!


Because the tabs were getting a bit cluttered, I have reorganised the teaching resources so that they are linked from a new Teaching page. In addition to the resources which were already available, I have uploaded materials from my spring 2013 class on Feminist Philosophy. Students enrolled in the module access these resources via Learning […]


I am posting some links/files which reflect my research on an experimental basis. However unlikely, these can be found on the new Research page.

Current Modules (Autumn 2012)

Materials for my current classes are available on Learning Central. Students interested in Introducing Moral Philosophy, which I am currently teaching for Cardiff University’s Centre for Lifelong Learning, may get a good sense of the course content by browsing materials posted here for Spring 2012 or Spring 2011. The Centre for Lifelong Learning will be […]

Additional modules

I have also added a page for the Moral Psychology module I am currently teaching on an experimental basis, and just for completeness, a page for my half of the current Modern Moral Philosophy module.

Introducing Moral Philosophy (Current Edition)

The current purpose of this blog is to host resources for students taking my Introducing Moral Philosophy course. Resources posted for Introducing Social and Political Philosophy and last year’s edition of Introducing Moral Philosophy remain available.